FACE A FACE  2017 Fall collection :: a tribute to art

With passion and subtle details, the new FACE A FACE collection is elegantly crafted and full of surprises.

We explore the art of coloration and play with intricate combinations of transparent, opaque and luxurious materials to let you see how ‘personality’ can be defined by colors, reflections and elegant details.

Suspending a inner contour in an outer shiny and golden frame, FACE A FACE takes notes from the American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007), who worked with closed forms in his three-dimensional creations.

Balancing the duality between the industrial and the sophisticated, FACE A FACE tames the industrial look with the stringent, structural approach from LeWitt. With an open structure and minimalistic design, the frames create an eclectic look that celebrates both the modern and the classic.

Be inspired and enchanted!