How do you make a FACE A FACE classic timeless?

Have it worn by Jude Law in THE romantic Christmas comedy!


More than 10 years after the release of the hugely successful film The Holiday,  FACE A FACE  continues to regularly receive requests about the glasses worn by one of its heroes.

Hilarious situations caused by a Christmas house swap between a successful Californian (Cameron Diaz) and an Englishwoman with a broken heart (Kate Winslet).

With engaging characters, sharp dialogue and great actors: they all combine to make this Christmas comedy a classic to watch time and again.

Jude Law is the British charmer who will bowl over the beautiful American(Cameron Diaz)

In the film, Jude wears the ultra-classic Oscar frame that Face-à-Face is re releasing this year.


A limited edition of 100 copies in each of its three colours: transparent smoked grey, black and tortoiseshell.

What a way to respond to the traditional craze that follows each broadcast of this Hollywood classic!