Spring/Summer 2024

A new season for the Japanese adventure! The FACE A FACE designers continue their artistic journey to the heart of contemporary Japanese design with Shiro Kuramata, Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, and others. They are all designers whose work combines delicacy with a disruptive aesthetic – a fascinating contrast that permeates the vision of the JAPAN NOW collection.

NIJJI's chic, playful allure echoes the beauty of rainbows, while KAKEMO's mysterious volumes are velvety and sharp... Each of these creative concepts tells the story of a journey between nature and culture.


New season, new passion!

A new palette inspired by Japanese craftsmanship permeates and enhances the curves of the models in this new collection: from blue greens to indigo blue, via Yuzu green and even purple reds, Viva Magenta with touches of Azalea pink... All these colours combine and collide with our exclusive new materials.

Dare to be creative! Go where they reinvent and recite poetry. With FACE A FACE, the unexpected becomes a philosophy.