A set of extruded cubes, the new Bocca is entirely pixelated. The mythical shoe becomes abstract, recognisable only by insiders. The heel, a fluorescent pixel, glows against the matte acetate. On the hinge, the light penetrates into the material and reveals its depth and facets; it’s a real challenge to machine this complex three-dimensional space. The result is fascinating!

Bocca Collection

Bocca is not just a collection of seductive designs. Bocca is for those of you who like to add an extra twist to your look. The end of each temple is shaped like a stiletto, a stocking or a boot - in a very sophisticated and elegant manner, and only discreetly visible. Bocca is the perfect choice for those of you with a twinkle in your eye, and who want to add a little extra style, charm and humour to your day. Meet the Bocca Collection here →