Born and designed in Paris, FACE A Face has become a unique and contemporary reference in eyewear.

Always audacious and Avant-Garde, a mastery of colours and dramatic shapes. Inspired by modern art and architecture, to be unique and full of personality.

The FACE A FACE collection is designed for both men and women, and assembled by skilled craftsmen in France and Italy.

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FACE A FACE’s Bocca collection is the outcome of a creative bet. How could you combine the feminine insolence permeating

Dali’s work with the saucy lips of Hollywood actress, Mae West ?

The Bocca collection has been striding successfully on for the past four years, a top a pair of sexy legs. There are tapered dainty and sexy legs, ballet shoes, vertigo-inducing heels and even riding boots: they all depict the various facets of feminine wiles.

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ALIUM’s technological challenge and assertive energetic lines will appeal to passionate male eyewear enthusiasts.

Made in France by the top specialists in eyewear manufacturing, all frames are assembled in FACE A FACE’s workshop in the Jura.

ALIUM Eyewear, the avant-garde in Men’s eyewear!

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