Acetate (C 2H 3O− 2)

Acetate frames are lightweight and often considered better and higher quality than plastic frames. They are known for their hypoallergenic qualities and are therefore a popular choice amongst those with sensitive skin. Unlike certain plastic frames or some metal frames, they are less likely to cause irritation.


Titanium (TI)

From the Latin titans, the first sons of the Earth, Greek mythology.

Discovered by Gregor in 1791; named by Klaproth in 1795. Impure titanium was prepared by Nilson and Pettersson in 1887; however, the pure metal (99.9%) was not made until 1910 when Hunter heated TiCl4 with sodium in a steel bomb.


Titanium is present in meteorites and the sun. Rocks obtained during the Apollo 17 lunar mission showed presence of 12.1% TiO2; rocks obtained during earlier Apollo missions show lower percentages.

Titanium oxide bands are prominent in the spectra of M-type stars. The element is the ninth most abundant in the crust of the earth. Titanium is almost always present in igneous rocks and in the sediments derived from them.


Is it a common thread? Part of the same puzzle? A breath of fresh energy constantly reinvented energy? A changing colourful line that has fun running through all the models to transform and give them momentum?

For this new collection, Pascal Jaulent, artistic director of the FACE À FACE design team has imagined a graphic line that is built, unravelled and played through each model.

The concepts also play with their interweaving connections and rethink themselves: a flexible, enveloping line ingenuously vies with more geometric and structured concepts.

Injecting real energy, colour lights up and catalyses the power of each piece of eyewear, giving them radiance and vitality. The colour range is renewed to highlight the graphic lines of this collection: natural shades such as ochre, terracotta and green open vistas to other atmospheres... contrasting with neons, fluorescents and transparent effects, so dear to the brand’s creative and off-beat spirit.

A precise balance between belonging and freedom, innovation and timelessness to celebrate the joy of self-renewal.





In 1995 FACE A FACE is created by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth as a French eyewear design company, based on modernity and creativity without compromise. FACE A FACE is fabulous and French, high end, rich in color and expression.