Dare the light like never before with NEONN! This masculine design is the result of a new colour application technique: neon is embedded between two dark flats, resembling the light of an eclipse. The NEONN range cultivates subtlety thanks to a colourful tone-on-tone between the bar and the eye, giving the design real richness and producing a luminous halo effect.

The bar is flush with the back of the cookie-cutter eyepiece, giving depth to the look and frame – sophisticated and insightful, this design is resolutely innovative!

A small panto and a square with cut-off corner and an offset central pin showcase the art of their craftsmanship in a new colour palette: midnight blue contrasts with a brand-new spring neon green, while a gold eye surrounds a matt anthracite grey bar with a glossy black façade. Precious and masculine!