The pronounced designer cut sets the tone for these extremely
graphic glasses. A truncated line hooked around the perimeter of
the eyepiece continues in dots and dashes along the arm: the CILAOS
range cultivates wealth and complexity, deploying all itscalligraphic energy!

These spectacles were machined from a single block, and the colour
applied to the surface of the eyepiece as a way of showing the play
of colour, light and time on these glasses which resemble the shape
of a sundial.

An already iconic panto and a square are revealed in new vibrant
springtime colour combinations: intense turquoise paired with a fifties
pink permeate a transparent arm reminiscent of soft morning dew;
while a brand-new violet deepens in dark green, softened by
the sensuality of a nude arm. CILAOS – Live in time with the sun!