FACE A FACE is bold. Our frames stand out. There is nothing conformist or conventional here. We are pioneers, trailblazers, radical innovators, unconventional revolutionaries of style. And we blend the best of our creative minds with the most audacious of artistic culture from Paris and around the world.


The way we see it, individualism is what drives our creativity and pioneering spirit. As such, we dedicate our eyewear to the extraordinary diversity of human personalities. We understand the importance, not just of seeing better, but looking better, feeling better, and being better, too. And let's face it, eyewear should be as unique as the individual wearing it.


Our first interaction with a new frame, by its very nature, takes place in front of a mirror. And in that moment begins an intimate relationship. After all, our eyewear is a reflection of who we are. That first face-to-face encounter is where FACE A FACE found the inspiration for our name.




Since 1995, FACE A FACE has built a reputation on ground-breaking creative designs. But there's more to our eyewear than meets the eye.


Over a quarter of a century ago, Pascal Jaulent, Nadine Roth and Alyson Magee came together to create something never seen before. They were young and brimming with all the courage of youth. They aspired to become architects of vision and look, of imagination and style, and together they would create eyewear that expressed the individual's personality.


From that noble aspiration, FACE A FACE the brand was born.


In 2015, exactly 20 years after bursting onto the Paris eyewear scene, FACE A FACE joined the DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP as a founding brand.

Today, FACE A FACE is in the skilled hands of three French designers, still based in the undisputed fashion capital of the world.

Drawing inspiration from modern art and architecture, contemporary design, and the latest fashion trends, they continue to build on the extraordinary foundations of the founders.








There is nothing easy about making frames. And FACE A FACE frames - at the cutting edge of design as they are - are harder to make than any other.


It takes years of learning to master just one step in the process. And there are many. Luckily, with our distinguished partners in France, Italy and Japan, and our own high-end finishing workshop in the French Jura constructed more than 20 years ago, there's no shortage of expertise at FACE A FACE.


That's how our eyewear continues to set the industry's benchmark for quality, year after year.




FACE A FACE frames are crafted using only the finest materials: from 100% organic acetate to space-grade titanium. They are expertly worked by industry-leading specialists, true wizards of material science, to amplify all their intrinsic qualities.


The resulting frames are strong, durable, flexible, lightweight, hypoallergenic, biocompatible, and most important of all, comfortable. And once coated in our exclusive FACE A FACE colour palette, they are nothing short of magic.


Read more about the materials we use here.


French products are synonymous with luxury. They mean one thing to those who buy them: the best the world has to offer. And FACE A FACE guarantees that all our French collections are just that: 100% French. Look for the ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE label on our eyewear. It is your proof that FACE A FACE eyewear is French through and through.